The cards

Y’all know that comparison thing that convinces you that some people have it easy? Yeah that one. Sorry to bust your bubble, but I believe that no one really has it easy. You meet people that grew up in stable homes, but fight with severe depression , or the child who does so well in school but deep down lies a fear of being deemed not good enough or the one who simply doesn’t participate in sports or isn’t part of the debate club because they fight a shame so deep that the last thing they want is to feel exposed. The truth is we have all been dealt with cards and we can’t control them,we can only learn how to play.

So now the question is how do we play? Do we go on doing life complaining or do we do anything in our power to help us heal from childhood trauma and experiences? I for once chose to complain about certain things that happened to me, things I literally didn’t have control over. I made it a point to always have a reason as to why I am not this or that. Most of the times it wasn’t necessarily that I went explaining myself to people but these were things I would constantly tell myself. But one day I just got tired hey.

I was tired of telling myself that I can’t do it because of a specific thing that happened to me. I became tired of confining myself in little boxes or simply limiting myself. That’s when I began to realize that sometimes you have to pursue healing because your whole life depends on it. In as much we can go for therapy or counselling which is good (I have a therapist too), these people can only do as much, but if you don’t have the desire and intentionality to heal. Then sorry my friend, you will continue complaining about the cards you have been dealt with, instead of just playing.

I don’t know what your issue is, or what cards you have been dealt with, but I know that Jesus heals all wounds. The truth in life is nobody really owes us anything, I know it sounds harsh but it’s the truth. Sometimes you have to cry to God yourself because only you and Him know the depth of that thing that keeps you up at night and oh He is such a gentle God He will wait for you to personally invite Him into that situation.

As I am typing all these, I am thinking of a perfect example from the Bible and no one comes close to the woman who had an issue of blood (Mathew 9:18-24). My guy the bible says she had hemorrhage for 12 consecutive years not months but years. I don’t think she deserved it or she did anything bad and was being punished for it, it was simply a card she was dealt with. But she said to herself “If only I can touch the hem of His garment,I will be healed”.

This woman had an issue that she clearly didn’t deserve but, she found herself in it. And instead of complaining she sought after her healing. She could have simply sent someone to go and call Jesus because back in the days, she was considered to be unclean and anybody who came in contact with her automatically became unclean. But she didn’t let that stop her. If it was in the modern days she could have sent an email or a text but she had an agenda to seek Jesus for her own healing,because nobody owes us anything.

I really don’t know what cards you have been dealt with, or what issues you have but I am writing this to remind you that the healing that you need is available. Only you have to take the first step and go after it. The Lord says come to me, all you who are weary and heavily burdened and I will give you rest, not some but ALL (Mathew 11:38). I honestly think it’s time you go to Him, because those issues, those painful memories and those hurtful words said to you are really taking such a huge toll on you.

Baby your wings aren’t broken, they are just rusted. Oil them and soar.

Love and Prayers


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