A Christmas message for you

Hey y’all compliments for the season ❤️🎄

Last year I got the opportunity to go to the beach for Christmas Eve. I always wanted to have a picnic by the beach on Christmas Day, but my aunt isn’t a fan of the waves so we ended up just going there just for the fun of it, and not really the picnic (sighs). But I am eternally grateful, because in as much as it may look like a small thing, it reminded me that God cares about the little things.

I love the ocean, it instills calmness in me. The ocean really reminds of how powerful our God is and that He is in control of everything. I don’t think I can quite fully explain the sovereignty of God, He sets the waves in motion and commands the ocean as to how far it should go. But He is such a present Father that He cares for us. He is God who is so keen about all our details that He can easily number the hair on our head. The ocean for me really is a reminder, that God is in full control of my life.

I love places that make me realize how tiny my problems are.

Last night we had Carol night at church, it was awesome. The Pastor said something that blew me away, he said we celebrate the birth of Jesus because we know He has us covered. He has our ministry covered, our academics covered and our families covered (I have paraphrased). Funny how this time last year, I had the same feeling when we went to the beach, that really He is God who is in control. I am almost tempted to call it a coincidence, but I don’t believe in that. I believe in the God who reminds His children. And He does it over and over again”.

“I don’t believe in coincidences, I believe in the God who reminds His children. And He does it over and over again”.

I don’t know what the holidays might mean to you this year, but I personally know that 2020 was a LOT. So maybe for someone you are reflecting over the year and you feel so alone. Let me remind you to just rest, know that He is in control. Maybe you are grieving over the loss of someone, or you aren’t spending the holidays with your family and you are really homesick like the girl behind the keyboard or maybe you are worried about how you are going to make ends meet for your family. Here is a reminder for you to be still and Know that really He is God who is in control. Celebrate His birth, not because you have it figured out, but because He does.

Love always❤️


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