Happy New Year Besties❤️

Heeey there besties, I know I have been quiet on here you can almost say I have forgotten about this blog. But no, this is my baby until the Lord tells me otherwise. Anywaaays, I know it’s so late for me to come on here and wish you a happy new year, but hey it’s better late than never. So happy 2022 my lovelies🥺🎉.

You know as we were almost cloaking the end of 2021, a lot of people were posting about their achievements, their milestones and how much they have accomplished in the previous year. If you are reading this and you are one of the many that bagged a degree, got married or moved to a new state congratulations Besty you must be proud of yourself.

I wanted to talk to the small percent of the population that feel left out, that feel like they haven’t accomplished anything the past year. I think that it’s not entirely true though, I beg to differ. Besty how about the times you showed up when you were not feeling okay? How about the nights you cried yourself to sleep and still made it to your friends party? How about the times you had a panic attack in the morning and still went for class? Or how about the self doubt that you had but you still managed to clear your exams? Or how about the courage you finally built up and walked away from your toxic ex or filed for a divorce? How about the grief and the sense of loss you fought through or even the depression you battled? Let’s not forget about the times you thought about quitting and you didn’t give in to that idea.

I think your strength is quite admirable and your courage is worth being noticed. If anyone didn’t say it, Besty I am proud of how well you handled that trauma and how well you showed up and even served. You truly can do all things and I mean all things through Christ who strengthens you. You should be proud of yourself and don’t let the enemy lie to you.

If 2021 didn’t go as you expected, I hope you took time to rest in God mostly, because that year was a lot. But Besty don’t let that hold you back from the possibilities of what 2022 has in store for you. So still be hopeful, because faithful is He that promised.

This year I pray that you will speak and declare things in your life out of faith. The Bible says that out of the words of his a mouth, a man’s belly shall be filled. I pray that this year you will not speak yourself out of God’s blessings for your life. I pray that you will not think negatively and use your tongue to curse yourself or even others. I pray that the Lord will restore every season that you have missed the previous year and May He restore everything that the cankerworms have stolen from you IJN. I pray that your relationship with Him will deepen and that you will walk in His love. In the mighty name of Jesus.


Love always❤️


5 thoughts on “Happy New Year Besties❤️

  1. Great message. May 2022 be a year of answered prayers for you and all those around you Matilda♥️

    May all your heart desires be fullfied this year
    Happy New year to you too

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