Listen, he doesn’t care

The past few months have been really hard. I was tested and tried, lol let’s not even talk about my mental health. Truth is in our moments of trials, the enemy comes to test us because of a certain word that we received from God. He comes to test us to see if we really believe that God’s strength is made perfect in our weaknesses or if we truly believe that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. Oh I wish I could say that, in my moments of breakdowns I have it all figured out, but I would be lying to you.

Anyways chiiile, I don’t want to get out of topic. I came on here to encourage us (yes me included). I noticed that in this season I catch myself playing victim more times than I would truly admit it. But the previous night something just settled within me, it must be because the short snippets of my mentors sharing on the group. She said that, often times when the enemy is trying to tear us apart we tend to ask questions like “why me? why would he be targeting me?” These often leads us to a place where we even begin to doubt our worth and our identity in God. We tend to downsize everything else that the Lord has spoken over us and our destinies. Doubt begins to fill our hearts and sooner then we know it we are in a depressed state.

My mentor said if you weren’t really worth it like what the enemy makes you believe why would he bother really? Why would he want to destroy someone who is worthless? The truth is, the enemy knows stuff about us that we sometimes struggle to lay ahold of. That’s why the enemy targets people from infancy, y’all know how King Herod targeted Jesus because He was going to be the ultimate Savior of the world, that is why the enemy wanted Him dead. Chiiile, you are a threat to the kingdom of darkness that is why he is targeting you so much. Things don’t go well with you because you are the generational curse breaker. You are who your bloodline has been waiting on.

It’s all about our mindsets really, I believe the sooner we realize who we are then we can fight from a place of true authority. From a place where we know that yes, I am scared the weapons are terrifying me, but they won’t prosper because that’s His promise for me.

“It doesn’t mean that the weapons didn’t scare me, it just means that they didn’t prosper.”

Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts

The enemy doesn’t care about the pity parties that we throw. He is more concerned about his job, which is to steal, kill and destroy. Once he is done, he moves onto the next victim. He understands that if he comes for you and finishes you off, a lot of destinies will be not be preserved.

In this season we will need to be prayed up, we have to guard our hearts and most importantly try to always remember what God has spoken over us. There is a certain preacher (forgot his name) who said part of healing is remembering who we are when we are triggered and I couldn’t agree more. Perspective is really a game changer, once you see it from God’s point of view that’s it, you have lost the enemy and all his dirty schemes. Anywhoo, here is a tip from SJR to me and you;

“Sometimes you have to write down words from God, don’t let a good word just get down in your spirit and move on. You better take that word and write it down, because you better believe that the enemy is coming to figure out how much you remember of that word”.

First Lady Sarah Jakes Roberts

I would love to give a disclaimer though, this post is not to encourage you to be up against the giants alone. Please reach out to anyone who you trust, go for therapy and allow people to walk with you, because we truly cannot do life alone. I also want to dismiss the notion that going for therapy or seeking help is a weakness. No hunnay, speaking about things that are troubling you is bravery to me. It takes a lot of courage to be vulnerable. And it’s in our vulnerability that God’s strength and our healing begins because then you are exposing the enemy, who thrives in secrecy.

My prayer is that we heal, pray for me as I pray for you.

From my heart to yours❤️


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